Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Those Men

All those men act like they know me, like oh
yes I get it I get her

she is all sad grew up nerve twisted and
self destructive oughta exercise

I bet she writes the way she talks

but All Those Men don't know


and All Those Men they do not

and All Those Men they wish I was
complicated All Those Men they wish I was
simple pretty women just stand and clap

it's real intriguing when she



and it's crazy how she used to do
those drugs

but I wonder how many guys
she has fucked

All Those Men, and they say things like

and I say I don't and they say

I just don't know yet
that everything is perfect
that I really wanna get married
that I really wanna stand and clap
that I really haven't fucked All Those Men
that I really need saving
that I'm really not a drug addict
because that isn't pretty
and that isn't sweet

and life is pretty and sweet right
maybe that's what she writes about
don't know, haven't read it,
not really my thing

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Four Daffodils

Four daffodils and I feel sad, 
so sad, 

because I wish I could be every mountain and that 
river, I wish I could allow you to walk on my ground and 
swim in me the way you want to, you really want to 

maybe get married because that's what 
those who are in love do.

But I do not do these things that those in love do. 

I am not in love I am deeply steeped in grief,
not in love I am on the fast track to Ms. Havisham,
not in love and would rather sleep alone, not in love 
and I am very sorry 

to the three kings unintentionally defeated,
to the archetype wrought useless by 
a poorly structured plot,

and I can only summon something childlike 
for the breaking sun, 

which does not try to own me 
or say any particular words

to send me into the motion of 
run or recoil 

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