Monday, February 28, 2011


So I am
unkind now,
a fact which has
fallen and settled.

I mean to
perpetuate this
with an unbiased

Still I saw myself curled
into the chair,
in the library,

both arms wrapped
'round the coat
'neath my head.

I knew
then, that I am

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

a new light appeared today a sad
light and although born only moments ago
it is familiar to me and feels old

the mind takes inventory of simple
things, blue wool sweater chamomile
tea in plum colored mug three pills

and the plumage of a love, material
artifacts once arranged as in a museum have vanished
it is as if they never were

and so a new light a sad light
a wooly blue february light
it is better this way

old book in french, grandpa during
the war, white candle, postcard says
'Take Me As I Am"

some of my friends think i fall
in love as automatically as i fall
down stairs, or in the shower, or

into convoluted embraces. some
of my friends think i am only
in love with him, which is

true. still i have placed this truth
in a drawer along with its beautiful
flotsam and said, enough now

and the new light the sad light
understands as once i was blind
now can i see

and i do.

Friday, February 18, 2011

nosebleed number two

it is beginning to feel dangerous, love
like you might pull the persian rug
from beneath me
might leave me alone after
seasons of strains and bequeath
to me nothing

the sound of rain the faint
blue pain does something to
my chest
i give to you all of the best
and in return get
i'm not sure what i get

a nosebleed i guess
my gaze arrested on your
blue eyes and your
mechanical mess and i don't think
you care that i love you

Monday, February 7, 2011


My eyes are round as nickels my 
pupils like dimes as I now know something 
which had previously eluded me 
and it makes me feel 
washed up on cold sand tired 
tired to beat the band set in my place 
by the slow movement of a hand
i’ve been doing no one favors as i 
tossed them candy from my fire-truck 
saying things like ‘sweet’ and ‘well’ and
trying to please the entire parade confounded by 
the trash left on the street
dont know what gave me the notion i was 
chamomile tea 
to every changing face that once entreated me 
thought I was kind and found that I 
am only another kind of cruel

dedicated to THE THIEVES

dedicated to the thieves, 2/5/11
last night, was voluntarily whipped 
repeatedly with belts i also 
jumped on a trampoline got my bell rung danced 
on a table 
danced danced danced in various environs was 
kissed for want of protest, a public display of 
“woman abandoning quixotic nature in favor of 
hedonist’s experiential quest” 
rimbaud would approve, or wait--
not give a fuck. 
at any rate, i hope you’re having fun with the bleach 
that you stole from the trunk of my unlocked car, dirty 
thieves, and the bicycle you absconded with
from my backyard.
my father bought me that basket damn it you’ve 
no respect for sentimentality at all! 

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