Monday, February 7, 2011

dedicated to THE THIEVES

dedicated to the thieves, 2/5/11
last night, was voluntarily whipped 
repeatedly with belts i also 
jumped on a trampoline got my bell rung danced 
on a table 
danced danced danced in various environs was 
kissed for want of protest, a public display of 
“woman abandoning quixotic nature in favor of 
hedonist’s experiential quest” 
rimbaud would approve, or wait--
not give a fuck. 
at any rate, i hope you’re having fun with the bleach 
that you stole from the trunk of my unlocked car, dirty 
thieves, and the bicycle you absconded with
from my backyard.
my father bought me that basket damn it you’ve 
no respect for sentimentality at all! 

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