Sunday, February 20, 2011

a new light appeared today a sad
light and although born only moments ago
it is familiar to me and feels old

the mind takes inventory of simple
things, blue wool sweater chamomile
tea in plum colored mug three pills

and the plumage of a love, material
artifacts once arranged as in a museum have vanished
it is as if they never were

and so a new light a sad light
a wooly blue february light
it is better this way

old book in french, grandpa during
the war, white candle, postcard says
'Take Me As I Am"

some of my friends think i fall
in love as automatically as i fall
down stairs, or in the shower, or

into convoluted embraces. some
of my friends think i am only
in love with him, which is

true. still i have placed this truth
in a drawer along with its beautiful
flotsam and said, enough now

and the new light the sad light
understands as once i was blind
now can i see

and i do.

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