Sunday, January 30, 2011



A man walked by me he smelled like a lover he smelled like a lover I had.
I'm wearing a square coat I'm wearing a sun hat. The night is swelling like a wound.
The moon is the moon is the moon is the moon. The night is stretching like a sapling tree.
I look like an eccentric. Like an old lady. Like I think that it's the nineteen twenties.
Like someone trying to smuggle themselves away.
And the gates are locked so I can't climb the steps I can only keep walking.
A man walked by me he smelled like a lover he smelled like a lover I had.
Al-ee-Sahn he would call me Al-ee-Sahn when I was in his
Lithe arms lying Al-ee-Sahn, disconsolate doll in fancy dress.
Now I am an eccentric. I'm an old lady. And
The stars do produce a brilliant cacophony.
Spent an hour waiting for grace at the pharmacy,
White paper bag crackles comfortingly.
 It’s no tragedy, sir, in fact it’s my comedy,
And I am the one laughing now.
A man walked by me he just kept on walking he walked all the way,
Walked away.
I didn’t say hello had quite a few things on my mind.

You Might as Well Eat a Chocolate Bar She Said

First the bile in my stomach dissolved like sugar
Venom dissipated left some strange benevolence
No longer aching to be spat from fangs

The disconnect which stretched like salt water taffy
(Boardwalk boardwalks all that neon blinks and rolls)
Clasped itself to itself and became whole

You might as well eat a chocolate bar she said

Soap in my eyes made my stomach contract a pupil
Shocked by light he looked sweet enough to eat to
Not be a lie like sweat and wheat and

Seashells tumbled in a curling line

I don’t know some time before
The Common Era

It was decided I’d abide

Above all captive
Of the hand’s

Shaking my Matrix adjusting a shutter-
Speed calling into clarity

My haze 

In the Event that I Cannot Have What I Most Want

It’s no small thing not too big either but
Branched like coral and submerged in my
Narcotic doubts it seems somewhere between

A small stone and a shard of glass in
Consequence a song the words of which
I can remember yet the tune eludes me and

That is my bane oh lonesome train maybe just
Come take me away away I’m no good for any
Body here just straining to peer over a fence not mine

And tired to beat the band I am really full of it this time

Can’t Do Math

I seem to believe that the new-found magnetism will tumble with momentum like a song.
Must have found it in my pocket. Looked down at his thigh for hours,
It didn’t do anything, he just sat there, sometimes bouncing a foot,
It was ‘hot.’

I proclaim that it does not make sense. Then I wonder what makes sense.
I wonder if this is my long-awaited recompense,
How many times I’ve been taken down by a hit and run.
I don’t think I’ll ever know because I can’t do math.

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