Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stuck (a song)

You tell me who abandoned who on the dock
You tell me who turned away to chase the
Neon of the boardwalk
When the ferris wheel went around I wondered why 
I hadn’t just left town 
And in the fun house mirror all I saw was your 
ignorance and fear and 
The reason and the order of the past
All tumbled back
In my white dress gaze arrested on the one 
That loved me last 
Refusing to act in a way that would betray a lack
Of that thing that could send good people to heaven
If there ever was a heaven
Now it’s behind bars
Instead of heaven there’s a train
It has its hedonistic cars
And you can ride with the leaden eyed
Or keep quiet where you are
You’re not a martyr if you’re not having fun
You’re just stuck thinking of some one

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