Tuesday, January 25, 2011

it's a lovely

pretty pretty is a word i hear pretty often like damned
eucalyptus insidious insipidly poisonous useless and futile til

the landscape torched
it's a lovely fire

strangers strangers i see pretty often all of their faces
familiar to me like those fucking eucalyptus trees free of
identity until hey

i think i love you
it's a lovely feeling

pharmacy the pharmacy is a place pretty often i frequent
the place where my money is spent, a twenty honey fifty cents
but hey

it keeps my wire spooled
it's a lovely mercy


Gold Leaf said...

really neat patterns, i love the repetition and the energy. i like that you can read the couplets or the stanzas by themselves and they're like two good short poems

Gold Leaf said...

plus i rapped it and it sounds "g"

Lia said...

i love it

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