Tuesday, February 16, 2010

listening to sharon van etten's album 'because i was in love' is like hearing the sounds of an unlit attic with one little shuttered window. sometimes i find it melancholy. but it is more that the songs are very fragile.

"Bet you don't remember how we met. That's okay, it hasn't yet. Although we had the same dream." -sve

it always felt lonely to be this shade. the shade of
clouds. the shade of moths

when i found out
there was to be no forgetting

blue is the color. gauze the disguise.
the weight of seasons in my eyes

it is because i am from the water
and water is heavy to bear

as its purpose is not to be borne

it is because i feel the sea
and it pulls at me as if with strings

and wants to remind me of home.

blue is the color of
my song

slow and somehow
tidal in its ways


Lia said...

you write that?

Allison said...

jah, anything on here without quotations comes straight from the source

Lia said...

lovely !!!

Paulie said...

the sea is so powerful, so overwhelming... it always reminds me that there's just something bigger in this world, something we cannot completely understand.

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