Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear I barely know you

Dear you who will be leaving

Dear you who I have little time to know, to

Find out

Dear brief blast of reverberating shock firework display

Dear morning sticky pale pink silk kept company by suffocating arms

Dear morning sticky skin in bed kept warm by memory

Dear body I traversed in the time it takes to grow drunk

Dear body I have licked kissed bit smelled nudged

Dear taste sight Dear your eyes looking into my eyes Dear

Your beautiful eyes looking into mine Dear that crushing sweetness

Dear thin thighs Dear tail bone I touch with my thumb Dear

Come over and release to me while your collarbone my tongue

Reveals Dear I’m glad you spent the night

Dear kissing my hands Dear waiting until the last moment

To let my hand go Dear leaving soon Dear all we have is now

And a few days more Dear I need as much of you as I can get

Dear fill me up and push me ‘round and leave me flushed and

Viscous wet Dear dry rash on my chin which I don’t mind and

Won’t forget Dear spontaneous new friend it was perhaps not

The easy road I chose Dear but I chose to ride and I chose to

Straddle every bone and under white blankets Dear we hide

and Dear I’ll miss your hair and Dear you will miss mine

Dear who knows where you will go Dear who knows where I

Dear sternum which I inhale and lick, a pillar of salt

Dear and it’s brief fire you and Dear that is the truth And

Dear if I could be at peace with that I’d be the lady with

The Proof Be calm my heart be calm my bones my nerves

soothed by you Dear wand’ring one I don't and won't condemn you

Dear thank you for opening my box and striking up my match

And then for pulling out four more for once just makes one long

To catch to

Strike each one Dear don’t stop until my Dear we must

Friendship is warm and youth is warm and so in fact is lust

And so in fact is change and Dear I think you have a grasp

On my hair my hips on my hot hands and on that very fact.


hannah maschari jewett said...

this is the best poem i've read in a while.

and ummm it sounds like we DO have a lot to discuss.

Annette Johnson said...

huh! hot hottt hotttt!!!

Gold Leaf said...

i'm sweating! the final couplets blew me awayyy

Annette Johnson said...

I seriously love this.. I want to read it over and over and over. the rhythm and the good. so good.

Allison said...

thank you friends

Master of None said...

Woah! This is so intense.

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