Sunday, June 6, 2010

some summer ramblings

summer's wrought me crooked
a condemned abandoned barn
to the right of the highway
and the hot wind blows right through

summer's wrought me thoughtful
i do sometimes think of you.

in the heat i'm a slow walker
with nothing else to do
i'm as heavy as a flour sack
and i sometimes think of you.

lately my transparencies
-washed up piece of sea glass-
once told, i had beauty in reserves

but i always tell when asked.

summer's wrought me joyous
for the little things
as full of love as a golden anniversary

the heat lowers my eyelids
the bay is grey and smooth
i think about the same old things
and sometimes think of you.

summer's wrought me sleepy
i sometimes, languid, make mistakes
but i label them as practice
as it's too late to hit the brakes

on what i've done.


Variable said...

love it! my poetry class starts this eve

Gold Leaf said...

this is so so good

Gold Leaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Master of None said...

I've read this one a few times now, and each time I like it more.
Really good.

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