Tuesday, December 21, 2010


simple with wet sand smeared on cold hands
a skull we found was mythical huge of proportions perhaps unearthly
and i did not assume to know and i do not assume 
to know the nomenclature of the beast entombed beside the beach
and i do not assume to know the future or its friends
the bough of our fortuitous beginning heavy with our end
i am only the sum of lingering loves and futile fears
the accumulation of books and years
only the perpetuation of that which we must all abide
that as we grow we take our small steps toward the tide
gazing silly sidelong into another’s blossoming eyes
redbeard, i find it old as stone, unnamed, deep and wide
now in ghastly glowing parlor i recall a finer light
how it shone oyster-gleaming on your sweet crown
and the churning currents sung it down, down, down
ours, ours, ours again

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