Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i feel perpetual

listening to: cocteau twins 'wolf in the breast'

The nauseous fire is awake. It courses down my limp limbs.
I used to speak of rattling like a pinball machine. 
Now my shaking is quiet but 
Like a wind irrepressible and pervasive. 
“I feel perpetual. I feel perpetual.”
I told him of the comfort that I find in the feeling
Of knowing, that one day
A dog will be running over my grave.
I cannot tell you what is going on in the world. But
 The smell of pines and rain. 
A cave of cold water and red earth.
Reaching the sun. 
The shaking settles. 
I fell asleep like a child,
In Grandma’s bed, some 
Things do change.
And in the aqueous blackness
Of night 
“I feel perpetual.” 
Breathe easy. 

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