Saturday, July 9, 2011

after the apocalypse

listening to leonard cohen 'coming back to you.'

the room is cold. when you were here 
when you were here
well, you were here

my bed was made so neatly 
sweet slim fingers beseeching 
all the wrinkles from the sheets

now i'm slumped. on the bare 
mattress and the shawl does keep
the naked body warm

only the shawl to keep
the naked body warm. the aftermath
of the apocalypse 

amounts to twenty six ounces of salt
twelve ounces of honey and i don't really 
care what they say,

the box was between pandora's legs
the box was between pandora's legs
all along

and i don't really
care what you think, 
it's my box 

it's my box 
and what you thought of me 
when you loved me less

than most of the time
was probably 

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