Friday, August 31, 2012

slow heartbeat in a dry heat climate

When we lay in the brown bed, with the purple sheets, warmed
by disconnect static and pill buzz, (I loved this song with a scalding loyalty,

the way he sings,
even Richard Nixon has got soul.)

every day a slow mo fall.

Sweet cloying opiate twenty-one, its

nauseating cokefiend boyfriend drawl,
horrid sight night terror,
fell asleep in my impress-you-dress,
happy birthday los angeles bastard,
southern california took me down down.

Coulda sworn I -
"As Long As I Can See The Light,"
"I Cannot Have Seen The Light,"

slow heartbeat in a dry heat climate.

Card house of cigarette butts for to deny I was alone
and so alone torn by Corsican time zone.

I hardly remember a thing, dull wound no sting,
I hardly remember a moment, brain-dead drug-drone,

innocent in a film noir live socket.

Caught with no slicker in a shit storm,

to await the gavel smack.

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