Friday, February 14, 2014

Cataclysmic Variable Poem

Cataclysmic variable stars are stars which 
find qualification unnecessary. 

They is what they is and they does what they do. 

Ride it out ride it out ride it out

It's as that old book says, 
"A star made flesh" 

I've become a practical woman 
grainy adages and gray hair 

And sometimes, I'm a buckling 

sometimes I crush your weight against my 
weight, abandon logos 

for the helium flash, leave ethos 
wherever I took my shoes off. 

I like to lie under things like 
the pulsation of speakers or 
your chest or 

your white belly or a familiar 
sun or a scalding 


it's called 

and it means 
crush me with your coral ribs. 

it's called nova 
and it means 

cover me with your smell

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