Wednesday, May 12, 2010

grandpa (silvio) louis (batastini) grandma cathy (caterina pomatto batastini)

sophie, ernestine, joe

the dirt and sand of santa barbara runs in my Italian blood.


Variable said...

what's amazing is i see a strong resemblance between you two, i haven't pinpointed it exactly

Allison said...

that's what grandma and aunt marie said too. and mom. and brian and rachel when they watched the film footage. i definitely have her deep-set eyes. but i think its something to do with mannerisms too. i grow prouder of it the older i get. like a peacock.

Variable said...

you're right it's in the eyes and the way you move your nose

Gold Leaf said...

this is some seriously tender sister shit, i'm loving it "the way you move your nose!" o !

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