Thursday, October 7, 2010


Single twenty-two year old female enjoys: Watching 'gossip girl' on internet thieved from 'the bay bridge inn', long chats with her psychiatrist, crashing cars, her favorite cafe, debussy on vinyl, good bourbon, and masochistic pursuits. (!)

Seeking: male of above-average intelligence. a deeply-seeded penchant for self-loathing is a definite plus! should enjoy hating oneself, sanctimonious judgments, playing it cool, and a self-perpetuated state of 'being all-alone in the world'.

For: A psychological dalliance of pathetic yet nuclear proportions!!


Gold Leaf said...

oh lord

Allison said...


Shiva said...

Bleakly amusing. looks like mine with slight variations. I'd add seeking seemingly silent but deals a good blow to the innards, much like the bubonic plague

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