Saturday, March 5, 2011

things i understand

Things I understand include 
That where I ought to be 
Is not among the places where
Some wish to find me waiting
Not the mountains as when 
I was twelve and loved for the 
First time, or the old mission 
Where the pond is choked with weeds like twine
And placid though in its uncharted
Depths there are those that are alive.
Not in the dark and mirrored bedroom of a jaundiced 
Mind or in a sparse and greying shower counting tiles
Things I understand include 
The straining lung of lust
The disappointment of the miscarried
Love that was never meant to live
The divide as palpable as 
Thick wool felt --one can feel
The disparity-- unrolled between
Eyes that cannot care
And the eyes that do see
And once or twice I've known 
A day 
When all seemed new to me
Held in the hand of
Things I understand
Simple painful and 

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