Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marine Layer

Marine Layer

I wrote Perry a letter about fear. I said
do you feel safe? I do and do not.
The feeling of time's passage touches me.

Loneliness can make crossing the bridge
such a wrench.

A marine layer obscured the usual view
of nameless hills and their bounty.
All was almost well, and probably well,

but how I hurt, deep in the hope chest.

How I hurt like a tired echo, and the
fabric of my future sometimes
seems shot with today's cringing

(Though what is in a failure but
a bunch of vowels any way, and a sense
of veracity probably misplaced.)

Perry says our sadnesses reveal us,
but cannot be borne alone, like water
from the well.

Well well well. My sadnesses reveal
a heart as big as anything at all.

The world knows
my heart is

as big as a sun.  

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