Monday, August 3, 2015

Mine in the Dusk

Mine is a bog
near the coast
of a planet
at dusk

another planet
than this one which is verdant and saturated
in past

mine in the dusk is a
feminine body found resting
in a fen

(those spores have been in her mouth
16,000 years
sixteen thousand years)

mine is my
beloved wrapped in strips of polypore
mine was made tender by a spear
mine was made small by time

and those spores have been sleeping
on her teeth
for sixteen thousand years

mine lies beneath stratified
sphagnum moss,
dreaming vapor and mist:

her body is here in the bog but
her eyes are fixed on the tumbling

and heavy
history is heavy on her chest
her skin is perfect beneath
her bones eviscerated

mine is flanked on both sides
by amanitas

phalloides unfurling
like clouds

know me,
know me,
never know me,
tired madrigals
throwing voices,
speaking in rounds
are all mine

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