Monday, August 3, 2015


My vanity is dominating me
I can almost see my body
as a person, I almost
cannot see it at all,

and I’m celebrating the
iron independence of my nightmares,
after years of lover gods
and lover fears.

In my dream last night we meandered
through irradiated township
to find a place
for basking
in our steam

in my dream we had a basket
of things to eat and
a chest beneath your shirt,
you featureless you-

Now lovingly I watch the bowing smoke bush,
fantasize that I walk away both
middle-fingers streaming,
like light for pilgrims.

Bless you darling, bless
every sacred fool.

And all the ones tragically

every Bronte drinking water
that ran between tombstones,
the spectres of brain-eating virus
in picturesque creek-

my future waits for me
it holds a fist of
pretty weeds,

a scar crossing its
pretty face,

and we are meant

for each other

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