Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Don't despair, (or) pick up the Russian book. (Don't) clean your fucking room! How can you breathe with all of that fabric on the floor? How can you fall asleep when there is an open door which leads right to your bed where you're unarmed and undefined and thinking (what once was mine was mine was mine, was mine, was mine)?

---I don't really think it was mine. Think about it all of the time. Don't fucking think about it!---

Empty glass bottle don't read the Russian novel. Wear the big red silk bow in your hair. And don't despair. (Despair,) despair, I really don't, not anymore, I'm whole and white as an egg, living on the hoe stro' do you know what that means?

Don't trust anyone.

Don't debate, don't contemplate, dissect, attempt to rectify, don't remember:


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