Saturday, April 14, 2012

i spit

i was so sad. only my most
choice sweet dark organs were tethered with
blue yarn and i could not trace
its beginning, could not find its end

and had no knife to saw it all ragged

i was so angry. in my prettiest yellow dress
i was cruelty wrapped like a half-gift.
i was so angry.

i don't want to be your lover. if this is what
it feels like to be your lover i don't want to,
why would i want to, i only have a taste
for sweet pain, this bitter vile
horseradish pain, i choke it back up

i spit it onto your chest

i don't want to be your lover, it's like
bleach on the scalp, it feels stupid.

i don't want to feel stupid anymore.

there is an eagle in the tree.
thick and winged.

why should i love you.

like a false prophet
you were manufactured by a group of men
overseen by a group of men
the approving nods of the heads of men

i choke it back up, i spit it onto your chest

i choke up this vapidity and spit it onto your chest

if we are all worth our weight in shit
you're just more shit than me


String Trees said...

This could be your magnum opus, your cunnilingus and fuck you, waving backwards to Adrienne rich

A.H. said...

ahh i love you

Gold Leaf said...

"your cunnilingus and fuck you" haha damn shiv, that should be a poem right there... incredible image of spitting out that emotion in a big lungie on a bare breast.

A.Hummel said...

thanks bri <3

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