Wednesday, April 4, 2012


How to make love to the earth?
I need to. Imperative.

To say that I am here, a visitor,
sure, we nomadic
animals we roam

I have a firm and painful spider-
bite, in this way, am
perhaps initiated,
perhaps slightly,

but How to make love to the earth.
It is not enough-- walking around in shoes,
barricaded from the rain by wool.

Burning the wood.

Mab says take off all clothing, rely
on the mammalian warmth, my blood is hot,
after all, it is, my womb is a nest
at the end of a tunnel,

Mab says rely on this.

Spread your white legs to the cold,
it is not so cold, as all that,

let your knees fall slack and angled,
like arrows pointing west and east,

Mab says.


davida said...

i can picture your blood congealing

A.Hummel said...

thank you!! deenie and vera are both constantly playing with moths these days, with a window in between. god it's cute. i love your new poem too. you have such strong lines

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