Saturday, January 25, 2014

As It Rains

As It Rains

I have located the rotting fin whale, Jack. It is lying now

in the warm blood rain,
on the hangman's crooked coast

I almost wish I had never loved her.

The whale's flesh is caving like a soggy
paper cup

I almost wish I never let her into my body.

I would love to be a clean
cotton sheet for you to sleep upon

I almost wish I never held her foot in my hand.

Have you forgotten me?
I encased myself in beeswax for you.
I shoved my fingers into a Ball jar for you.
I pulled my somber green
shirt to the side for you

went wildly askew for you

I fell in love with you

but the whale is collapsing like a
moment becoming worthless memory

the whale is melting to useless fat and
rancid bone

the sand is stained iodine
exposed my breast for you

I want to do everything with Jack. I want
Jack to be the tender focus of one-half of my dreams. I want
to drink Jack in one-half of my mugs. One-half of me
wants to marry Jack. One-half of me wants to take Jack to the whale.

 One-half of me almost wishes (and the rain and the rain and the rain)

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