Saturday, January 25, 2014

Oh Swan Song

Oh Swan Song

Oh swan song the air smelled sweetly
of black night
crack in the sky

many compounded heartbreaks,
many pressure fractures

people think that the bodies of young women are
made of something soft, like

when she said no because the green wool blanket
was on my naked skin and

it was scratchy and she could not bear it
to see it, to know it

when, in the end, she left,
she cared little for my body
left it quite exposed and quite
alone the air smelled sweetly

I have dispersed my love like minnows
been something pink and woolen, been her

racked lesbian

one of that battered brethren
I never met my henchmen
I never knew my fellows

Oh swan song, oh
my swan song

I have made such love
to that void

oh swan song would you say that I have done well with it all?

I will be twenty-five in some minutes,
and I am still the wick of a flame that wavers

I have lost my penchant for the absolute

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