Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Ankh, The Knot of Isis

Did you know that the ankh is just the timid
knot of Isis just the whim of a cartographer
mapping banks laid out like sweet

skin in sun?

It says, the river is a fat snake:

it moves like a snake,
and there is its bank,
and there its other bank,

that's what I heard anyway.

I don't write poems about lovers,
I write poems about natural phenomena.


there was a brief waterfall, a
glorious flood -untouchable-
outside of law--

and a sapping drought
and a river mouth closing,

gently golden,
--I'm just a human being--
a river mouth closing, and silence
(isn't silence so eery,

we are all small animals
in its fist, its dark fist--)

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