Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1 train wreck

I know myself to be a train wreck now, a train wreck to the core

and i can be in a roomful of beautiful people but still look toward the door
only wanting to slip away to my room and listen to the night moan

i seek a cold and smooth stone to lay my body down upon

to dissolve into the night
i would adore
to be stronger than my wayward, flailing heart

i've got to try

2 Four minutes

I only have four minutes
four precious minutes, fleeting and incorporeal and green
i've just lost three of them in looking out the window and seeing

not yellow daisies, honeysuckle and dead vines
but a different view entirely, in my folly

the four minutes have passed
yet i remain optimistic:

i no longer care about the time. i care only about the song. i care only about the song: the way it aches in my chest, the physical pain of beauty

very distracting

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Variable said...

I'm listening to Moonlight Mile at your request! Just took half a percoset feels so good, wish i had an infinite supply

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