Friday, February 17, 2012

marked drowsiness

marked drowsiness may occur-- it is



the only thing which can feel between
your fingers and palm
like a handful of fabric

is a handful of fabric.

weeks which passed and are past cannot
do it

time which is to come and so does not yet
exist cannot
do it

hair cannot do it
hair in my mouth and i do recall thinking
'i will remember this'

that sweating jar of lime water
was full of honey once

that bed full of book and bare
mattress not so long ago
was made

once, even, i can remember,

--not only once but many times--


all hours i sleep

i have slept through them all
(not consecutively but rather)

in bent bunches with
snapped stems
soft with the blood of plant

there are things in this room
little things made of glass, to be
doused, lit and thrown

sounds in this house

marked silences growing

as i grow older or simply
loosen a hold

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