Friday, July 3, 2009

I. summer feels strange, and it feels strange because it is strange. this summer has been touching me strangely. a summer movement caught me in its languid lover's grasp, overwhelmed me with its heat, closed my mouth with its hand

i might have said no had i been able to say no, but most likely not, i rarely say no

cant struggle stifled by my own weight, the weight that i feel especially in summer; a freeing and a dooming responsibility. To do, to say yes, to succumb

be disarmed

open entirely like a lens and receive

II. i am not being made a fool of if my soul is still free, if my heart is still free to me. but my heart isn't free to me, not really, so i am a fool indeed.

this has been my state perpetually. i'm sure it'll continue, i'm very rarely free, there is a weight i have long known and it seeks me

it continually seeks me; i have always known the feeling
of being its prey

but that's my life. i suppose it's okay. I bleed as do you, and as does he. i turn my face to hide my face and close my eyes so as to see

i wish i understood

i keep my turquoise in my poison ring, to make me strong, for
it's a wonderful woman that's strong,

but all i can own to is doing the best i can.

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Brian said...

subtle morrissey reference caught the second time around

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