Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my mind wont sit still, i'm as i ever was :

in a starchy scratchy floral confection, i never would've picked it myself
but there you are

lacey socks on but my legs wont cross
daintily at the ankles
i won't sit still

can't do what i'm told when i simply cant
sit still

and i never believed in being seen but not heard until i knew how it felt to love silence more than words, and knew how it felt to see truth being told without speaking

so my mouth it is closed but my mind never ceases
its reeling

and i dont believe in growing cold in your fear and waiting for disaster to appear so i let myself sink back into the feeling.

and furthur back into the feeling

time is two eyes across from me. when i let myself look it ceases to exist entirely and gets out of my way

to let me live

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