Thursday, July 9, 2009

it's all coming down

it's all coming down. pouring from the sky
relentless and wild
on top of me

it's all coming down. it's coming down hard
remember the old adage?

'it's coming down hard'; it truly is coming down hard
on top of me

i open my entreating mouth so that i might fill it up with rain
and never speak a word again but only trickle condensation

feel cloud matter slipping from behind teeth

i think it would be an honest thing to do, an honest thing to be said from me to you:
no words, free of sound

only rain

i might rain all over you and let you stand in the haze, let you ponder the aged old refrain

let you feel the weight that only i draw near to touch, that only i would take the time to introduce myself to

it could all come down on you

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