Wednesday, July 1, 2009


sometimes i prefer not to speak. i love not to speak. i love not speaking when you are speaking; i love when you are speaking. i like it

that my heart can feel free of that heavy weight that has been pressing down upon it for an inexorably long time, an unspeakably long time

sheets crackle like paper, isn't it lovely how
why begin now why begin now
edith piaf would not stop now, edith piaf singing. there is a morning feeling,
one that no one ever could wish to leave

climbing up the orange tree
and on it grows

my mind seems to love to return to these things.

i do not mind seeing things through a haze if that is what i do. to me i see clearly. i wish to see you clearly which is a novelty to me, to wish but not to know if my own sight is true

i could only dissolve
into the night with you

three steps backward into darkness that is where we're headed to and let's not return
any time soon


let's not return

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Brian A. said...

is this sung?

it's certainly beautiful

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