Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drink a Bowl of Blood

Drink a Bowl of Blood

Scraping sweet cruel moss
from my eyes

I became a stone with a
heart, I became an animal of more
thorny labyrinthine needs
somehow the humanity of love
made me more a creature

I needed this forest
my luve, my luve was turning me
to amber at the heart-rate of terror

my dreams souring like milk,
parts of me simply starting dropping
branches, I could bear only

blooms of blue pain

And nothing but weak and cloudy
tea filled my veins

Now I drink a bowl of blood
Drink a bowl of blood
Drink a bowl of blood ev’ry morning

Drink a bowl of blood ev’ry evening

It slides down my chin, it stains my sweater
my thirst is a hunger

I must be corporeal
I must be slapped into color
The heart must start beating

A bowl of blood my luve never gave me
he never gave me a bowl
of blood

I gather it now for myself
dripping from the trees

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