Saturday, March 17, 2012

seeing it now

heathen is a stranger,
but she will let you know her

brown-haired girl, needled with dye
beneath her long underwear a birch-

stamped with constellations

soaked in woad,
a little bairn,
dreaming, sleeping, songs from
a music-box,

soft green yarn and march hares.

pale and preferring wool,

quite exquisitely hungry:

for something more than clay,
for more fuel than peat provides,
for an all-together new color of

quite exquisitely hungry:

and sick of chewing candlewax
and through with saying, that
in the dark, brackish water

could just as well be beer,

a scrap of paper could be a blanket,
a wall could be a window,
static silence could be love, no,

that isn't so,
that doesn't ring,

and if you haven't even heard
her sing,

have you really known heathen at all? 


String Trees said...

I respond to this purely aesthetically, because you know how I feel about the psychological valence behind this: YESSSAASSSSSSSFJIFBRJSKNGKRK
Peat? Woad? Yes yes. So Victorian Celtic, so Americana, yes yes.

A.Hummel said...

together we prance along the same 'level' xo

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