Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a fool such as i 
a game of form

  I am indeed yes a fool beguiled by a smile. Feasting on tea and roses can only sustain a while. And beautiful I may look when lain out on my pyre, but when inquired, Shana will sigh, 'desire, desire, desire.' And,

'How much easier could she only have sung instead! Instead of sweating in her bed, fevers dreaming in her head. Of some day so grey when her paper you read and the panorama turned silver.'

I am yes indeed a fool. Such a fool I've never known. My shoes are mismatched on my feet and look at how I've grown. I stand beside my window for to gaze and moan, and at first sign of stormy weather I steer her back t'ward home.

Yes in fact a fool am I and it is truth to say that the admission of such is about as much of worth I've done today. Once thought by myself to be something brittle I've found as much untrue. I am strong as a wave and changing as a current for you. I dip and ebb and flow as if some secret I know, when all I know is, I'm a fool and as such will I go, honestly toward the morning.


Gold Leaf said...

i was writing a very similar poem at work today! strong as a wave and changing as a current for you. beautiful

Anonymous said...

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