Monday, August 23, 2010

the question game

on the walk we played a game it was called the question game.
i don't have any questions for you any more. other than
how you manage to continue with your barrage of questions
like an unending storm.

i could say i don't know a thing but i would be a liar.
i have a secret and it is that i know.
the secret sits within my chest a sharp rock.
when i breathe it digs into me further.

deception follows and hides in trees behind me, watching.
it jumps on me when my stride grows easy and complacent.
that's what i get for walking with my eyes closed.
that's what alyosha would say any way.

i believe in senselessness.
i'm wearing it as a bracelet on my right wrist.
looking down at it i try to use an ancient alchemy
to transform it into strength.

looking down at it i try to see it as a reminder to
ask questions.


Gold Leaf said...

this is righteous

Zog Kadare said...

Why do you refuse to capitalize i? Modesty?

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