Sunday, August 29, 2010

moving on out

listening to:
northstar blues. magnolia electric co.

i'm moving on out
of this old room

recalling what is has seen

i thought that i was loved in here
but it was just a dream

the men have done me
unkind things

and left me nightmare

i did what i could
to survive it

the foot of my bed
don't face the door

someone told me sweetly
he had never loved before me

someone made me promises
he just couldn't keep

someone held me in the darkness
finally to weep

someone told me if there was a baby
he'd push me down the stairs

someone let me dance to neil young
told me never cut your hair

i looked in that mirror
as they loved me one by one

and disappeared like vapor
shadows vanished in the sun

i'm moving on out


Gold Leaf said...

peeeeeace, later

Jupiter Gnome Nest said...

hey there
will be in SF on thursday
(917) 504-4556
you and a friend ought to come out and see the show on saturday

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